Medical Health Tourism in Turkey

What are treatment and surgery prices in Turkey?

Treatment and surgery prices in Turkey are among the issues most interested in foreigners. Health tourism is about travelling to different places to find the most affordable prices. You can find it on Turkey, which is managing a big share of the health and medical tourism.

At this point, it is possible to talk about the importance of treatment and surgery prices. Travel opportunities, cost advantages, technological infrastructure and quality creation, being a historical country are among the reasons why the patient chose Turkey

Treatment in Turkey is about 70% cheaper than in European countries. For example, by-pass operations range from 39000$ to 43000$ in Spain. In Turkey, this figure ranges from 8500$ to 21000$. This, in turn, leads to continuity in the development of the health sector in Turkey and leads to the choice of this place. Research shows that the number of people coming for health tourism in Turkey is constantly increasing.

Health Tourism Goals Of Turkey

Research shows that the developments health sector of Turkey will not be limited to this. Turkey aims to treat at least 2 million patients by 2023. In addition, Turkey is one of the leading countries in terms of bed capacity.

At the beginning of the questions that come to the mind of people facing health problems is how much money should I pay. For you, we have investigated the most applied health problems with the contributions of Health Organizations. It is a question of how much you should pay during surgery and examination for both private, foundation and education hospitals.

Surgery and treatment prices in Turkey are among the most interesting issues. Foreigners, in particular, know that surgery prices are cheap in Turkey and wonder exactly how much they will pay. At the same time, costs such as transportation and accommodation are among the questions of foreigners who want to come to Turkey for health tourism.

It is necessary to express that Turkey is among the most preferred countries, especially in terms of aesthetics, plastic surgery and eye diseases. Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya, Izmir are among the preferred cities for health tourism. Turkey is the most affordable developed country for your health.

Plastic Surgery Prices in Turkey

Plastic surgery prices in Turkey

All-inclusive hospital ads attract people’s attention. This means that people receive services with low fees. Thanks to these advertising campaigns, Turkey has managed to enter among the most important countries in aesthetic tourism last year. It is also possible to support this data with Google.

Research shows that the question of how much plastic surgery prices are very often asked in Turkey. There are also very important references to this topic. Another curious issue is why surgeries and treatments are cheaper in Turkey.

According to research conducted based on 2018 data, Turkey has a share of 2 billion euros in the aesthetic and plastic surgery sector. We can express that it has continued to maintain its momentum over the past years. This door, opened by aesthetic and plastic surgery operations. By-pass surgeries are also offered at 60% cheaper prices than in other countries. So that, giving detailed pricing would not be correct, as the type and treatment of the disease will be different, but you can be sure that it will be at least 50% cheaper than the country in which you live.

Treatment process in Turkey

Treatment process in Turkey provide the necessary hotel accommodation, city transfers and translation services. In this way, it is extremely simple for patients to receive services in Turkey.

Research shows that the quality of Public Health in Western countries is poor. In addition, the fact that it is expensive also causes people to seek health in different countries. The demands of middle-income and under-middle-income citizens to go abroad are very high.

In European countries, treatments such as eye treatment, hair transplantation, the dental treatment are very expensive, but Turkey is completely suitable and has the same or even better technological equipment.

Turkey’s breakthroughs in the health sector and the right advertising methods have been a big step in the name of accelerating the sector. Turkey is ahead of the UK in the health sector. Looking at the branch of plastic surgery, we can already express that Turkey is unbeatable.

Why treatment and surgery prices cheap in Turkey?

Why treatment and surgery prices cheap in Turkey?

If we consider in general terms, the sum of treatment + accommodation + flight + holiday prices in Turkey will be even cheaper than the price of treatment in European countries. we can express that there is an extremely important difference in prices.

Moreover, Turkey attaches great importance to human health, we can say that Turkey respects people and humanity, from its own citizen to a citizen of another country. The World Health Organization has also recognized that Turkey is successful in the field of health with the most reliable service options.

We have given you important information about treatment and surgery prices in Turkey. You can also continue to follow other articles on our site to get real information about these topics. We will offer you current treatment prices, if you contact us.

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