Medical Health Tourism in Turkey

Why Turkey is ideal for Health Tourism? What are the reasons?

With the globalization of the world, there have been developments in health tourism. developments in transportation, changes in the health sector in different countries of the world together with the concept of health tourism increases the importance. At the same time, individual and budget-related licorice challenges push people into new pursuits. At this point, there are a lot of reasons for health tourism in Turkey.

Health tourism can be summarized as visits that people make outside the countries where they live to receive therapeutic and preventive health services. In addition to all this, it is a condition that guides the growth of health organizations along with international mobility..

It is possible to examine Healthy Tourism under 4 main headings. These can be classified as medical tourism, thermal Health Tourism, disabled tourism, elderly tourism. The classification of patients by the Ministry of Health is as follows;

  • Medical tourists; people who travel to another region from where they live in order to gain health are called.
  • People who are forced to receive medical services unplanned during the holiday process are called patients who receive services within the scope of the health of the tourist.
  • Patients who are granted health service opportunities between countries within the scope of agreements between SSI come to Turkey are called patients from SSI contracted countries.
  • People who come to Turkey through bilateral agreements concluded by the Ministry of health are called patients from countries with bilateral agreements in the field of Health.

This identification was made by the Ministry of Health. Only the medical foot defines the original subheadings of our country is incomplete. When we look at it from a general point of view, health tourism, defined in 4 different titles, including thermal medical health. It shows the importance of Turkey offering services in all titles.

Why Turkey for health tourism?

Medical Health tourism in Turkey is also an important activity in terms of foreign exchange earnings. Although Turkey’s potential is very high, alternative tourism is also extremely attractive to types. Medical tourism has recently started to attack. Research shows that Turkey has a say in the field of health tourism.

When it comes to health tourism, titles such as cardiovascular, dental, eye, joint prostheses, aesthetics, infertility treatment, in vitro fertilization come to the fore. But we can express that demand is increasing in all types of services. Although Turkey has advanced technology, it is taking important steps in this sense with its modern infrastructure. In research related to health tourism, the characteristics and technical infrastructure of the health centers of the countries come to the fore.

Health Tourism development in Turkey

Health Tourism development in Turkey

Different factors are effective in the development process of health tourism. There are many different reasons why patients travel to be treated and take preventive measures. It is possible to summarize them as follows;

  • Long waiting times
  • Globalization processes in general in the world
  • People want to be treated in countries that are developing in the field of technology and equipment, have worldwide effectiveness
  • Health system problems experienced in one’s own country
  • Rapid changes in information and Communication Technology
  • EU dynamics are effective
  • Consumers should be more aware and have more data on their hands to make decisions
  • Health services in developed countries are much more expensive than in other countries
  • A person who wants to be treated can get better and better health care in other countries
  • Problems that a person experiences with health insurance that they own
  • Disabled people, the elderly and chronic patients have the desire to go to other environments and be treated there
  • Health costs are too high in some countries
  • Increase in the elderly population
  • The tourist mass has travel habits and the desire to be treated during the trip

Research shows that health care in developed countries is very costly. Health care costs for the aging population increase every day. The increase in these costs puts health care organizations, insurance and payment institutions in trouble. This, in turn, has led the Social Security and insurance institutions of developed countries to enter into agreements with other countries that provide quality health care.

There are no very defining boundaries in terms of Health. During the visa application, requests for health care become even easier if some obligations are met. In the European Union, patients also have the freedom to choose a doctor, except to choose a country.

Reasons for getting healthcare services in Turkey

Reasons for getting healthcare services in Turkey?

More than comparing the quality and costs of health services within their country, people with health problems make a worldwide comparison. Awareness of processes such as general health sector problems, long waiting times, and quality of service has increased the desire of patients to receive services from other countries, such as Turkey.

The provision of qualified health services in Turkey has become remarkable after the 2000s with breakthroughs in the private sector. In major cities such as Ankara, Istanbul, Bursa, Izmir, Antalya, the number of private health institutions that meet European standards has increased. Factors such as increasing prestige in Turkey, Health Transformation Project, and geographical location are among the main reasons for our country’s position in the health sector. The increase in educated manpower and the high quality of education can be shown among the important advantages of Turkey.

It is also necessary to express that our country has different pros in health tourism. The infrastructure of public hospitals and private health institutions is at the level of world standards. The experience of Physicians and healthcare professionals is high-level. In addition, it is necessary to express that the costs are much longer than in other countries. At the same time, historical riches and unique natural beauty play a leading role in the preference of the citizens of other countries for Turkey.
Turkey has taken important steps to turn these values into an advantage, Health Tourism Coordination Board. The development of city hospital projects is also an important pillar of this issue.

Health tourism targets in Turkey

What are the health tourism targets in Turkey

Our country, which has a very deep-rooted history in the health sector, aims to have a share of 20 billion dollars in the health sector market in 2023. In the last 10 years, the number of medical tourists exceeded 10 million and 100 billion dollars of turnover was achieved. In addition, thermal tourism, elderly and disabled tourism, spa-wellness, such as the number of tourists and turnover is known to exceed medical tourism.

Health tourism is an extremely negative concept. Since ancient Greek times, people have traveled with the aim of being treated and getting their health. Orthopedics, eye diseases, internal medicine, nose, throat, mouth and jaw diseases, general surgery, brain and nerve diseases, and many areas of Turkey continues to offer health services.

Why should I choose Turkey for health tourism

Why should I choose Turkey for health tourism?

  • Having rich cultural heritage,
  • Personalized services
  • Reasonable price advantages
  • World-class health quality
  • Short waiting times

Among the important reasons for choosing Turkey are price ratios. For example, nose job tn the United States starting from 5000$ and ending at 20000$, however, it’s less than 3000$ in Turkey and you get the same or better nose. It is possible to see the same rate in other diseases and their treatment. At the same time, because of the health opportunities that Turkey provides for retirees, citizens living in another country and coming of retirement age also prefer Turkey.

For health tourism, health organizations need to be accredited by JCI. There are 45 accredited health institutions and hospitals in our country. Our country is the second in the world with this situation.

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