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Hematology in Turkey

On a daily basis, not many people think about the blood that flows in their veins. However, blood is a crucial part of our bodies. So, if you have any blood-related diseases, the earlier you find out about them the better. And for that, hematology can come to your help. With our successful unit: Hematology in Turkey, your recovery process and treatment will go well. You will feel safe and heard.

More about Hematology in Turkey

Hematology is the study of blood. So, it is all about blood and diseases that form in the blood. Some examples would be; leukemia, lymphoma, and hemophilia. Our hematology unit will first need to diagnose you. After that, they can start your treatment. Your treatment will be specially designed for you. That way, you will be able to recover in the best way possible.

The hematology unit works hand in hand with many doctors and professionals. Depending on your diagnosis, your hematology team may differ. In many cases hematology unit works closely with the oncology unit. In both children and adults, we can often see cancers of blood and blood marrow. The oncology unit helps in the cases of leukemia or lymphoma.

You will go through a complete blood count (CBC) to get your diagnosis. It is the most common test to determine what is going on with your blood. It can detect many infections, illnesses, and issues that you might have. However, there are other hematology tests that also can help you. Some are; blood enzyme tests, blood chemistry tests, and blood tests to assess heart disease risks. Your unit will guide you and make sure that you get the tests that you need.

Hematologist in Turkey

Hematologist’s role in hematology treatment

There are many things that hematology specialists, also known as hematologists, do. Their first job is to make your diagnosis. As we mentioned above, there are many tests that you may need in your journey. With those tests, hematology doctors can determine what disease you might have. With CBC, they are able to diagnose you with anemia, blood cancer, or inflammatory diseases. Using CBC, hematologists can also observe if you have any blood loss or infections in your blood.

If you have cardiovascular issues, our hematology unit will be able to see that with blood enzyme tests. There are many different kinds of them and they can help with separate diagnoses. These tests can also come in handy in situations where someone may have a heart attack. If this is the case, our cardiovascular unit will come to your aid. Since blood and heart are closely related, these two units also work together a lot.

There are also some other tests in our hematology units. Some monitor patellate counts and some monitor bleeding disorders. Depending on your situation, we will suggest a suitable test for you. So, you can trust our hematology unit for that.

Hematology treatments in Turkey

Hematology treatments in Turkey

If you have some blood-related problems you will need to see a hematology unit. However, this can come expensive in many countries. Despite it being an important, life-threatening issue, you might find yourself at loss. In that case, you can just get your treatment at a cheaper place! Also, medical health tourism in Turkey is increasing rapidly.

Turkey is one of the cheapest countries when it comes to medical treatments. Here we have high-quality, well-designed hospitals that will serve you in the best way possible. And it will cost you a lot less than in your hometown. Many people travel to Turkey to get their treatments done.

Why should you choose Turkey for hematology treatment?

Why should you choose Turkey for hematology treatment?

Hematology units are excellent in Turkey. We have the best doctors and professionals who care about you and your health. Not only that, but with us, you can completely relax while we handle everything for you. To help our patients who come from abroad we take care of your stay here. We arrange your accommodation and travel. All you have to do is to rest and concentrate on healing.

Being sick can be discouraging. However, with us, you can feel better. Our hematology unit will make sure that you get the right treatment. Plus, all of our nurses and doctors will prioritize your needs and your comfort. So, you can get your treatment for a cheap price and good service. If you want further information, make sure to contact us.

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