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General Health Check-up in Turkey

General health check-up in Turkey is extremely important in terms of early diagnosis, even if the person does not have any problems. The fact that health services in Turkey are very cheap has also caused many foreign citizens to come to Turkey for health tourism and deposit check-ups here.

Check-up can be called a personalized basic health check. It consists of a large number of tests and examinations that a person performs without having a health problem. A general health check at the right time, even if the patient does not have any complaints, ensures that possible diseases are discovered early. Due to early diagnosis, the current disease will also be easy to treat.

What Is General Check-Up?

A large part of diseases progresses insidiously without symptoms. Most of the symptoms caused by diseases are associated with daily stress. Problems such as liver diseases, metabolic diseases, kidney diseases, cap diseases progress quietly without symptoms and can turn into serious health problems. Check-up plays an effective role in preventing health problems that have not yet occurred, detecting the disease at the earliest stage.

In short, check-up is the fastest and most comprehensive discovery of problems with your health. Tests are carried out by specialist physicians in the field. In addition to examinations, laboratory tests and radiological imaging are also performed. A person’s gender, age, genetic heritage and risk factors are also based.

Assessment is carried out under the scope of preventive medicine for young people. Early detection and extensive screening occur for older people. Cardiovascular diseases, obesity, lipid metabolism are evaluated by looking at the general health status of the person and possible problems are prevented before.

When Check-up Should Be Done?

When Check-Up Should Be Done?

It is our advice to do it regularly. Health problems that are likely to occur in the future are identified. The correct processes can be processed by taking preventive measures. Modern medicine has offered the check-up service as an innovative service. The aim is to make a general health check and take the necessary steps in case of a possible problem.

Many health institutions in Turkey provide check-up services. It is more affordable and more comprehensive than in Europe and America. It is our advice to have a general health check in major cities such as Izmir, Ankara and Antalya, especially in Istanbul. After reaching a certain age, the importance of having a general health check increases thoroughly.

Check up can be done at different time intervals depending on general health status, age and some factors. Cervical, breast, colon cancer, prostate cancer, such as the spread of cancer types helps in early diagnosis. At the same time, early diagnosis of diseases affecting the quality of life and functions of a person, such as coronary arteries, as well as the heart, hypertension, is important for treatment.

Why Check-Up Should Be Done?

Why Check-Up Should Be Done?

A check-up as a general health screening is performed taking into account many factors. These include environmental factors, risk factors, age and genetic factors. It is extremely important to prevent possible diseases or to diagnose existing ailments early. For this reason, it is really important to do it regularly. Although it does not have any obligations, it must be done at certain intervals, especially in later ages.

The fact that foreign people face too much price for check-ups in their own countries. So, Turkey has become an important country for a general check-ups. Turkey makes a significant difference in price compared to other countries. At the same time, important developments in the field of medicine in Turkey give better results than check-ups made in other countries.

In addition, check-up does not consist only of tests and assays. It also includes interviews and examinations with the specialist, determined by the person’s gender, age and risk factor. If the doctor deems it necessary, additional tests and radiological imaging are performed. In this way, the patient’s current health status is evaluated. The data obtained are presented as information to the patient by the physician. The doctor explains in detail the issues that the patient should pay attention to. Risks are also reviewed for the next check-up process.

How Often Should I Have a Check-up?

How Often Should I Have a Check-up?

An adult person should check up at least 2 times every year, even if they do not have any complaints. Different general check-up times are determined by physicians according to the condition of the risks present in the person. Changes in a person’s Health become decisive at this point.

  • Diabetes
  • Family obesity
  • Hypertension
  • Those at risk for chronic and other hereditary diseases
  • Employees under stress
  • Busy employees
  • Those who want to spend the menopause period healthy should have a regular basic health check.

Considerations before check-up.

Individuals who live abroad and want to have a general health check-up in Turkey can research the best-serving Hospital in Turkey in the first step. We can also express that we are health tourism company that provide this service. We guide you on medical tourism. We organize your transportation, accommodation, and health services.

How General Health Check-up?

How To General Health Check-Up?

The person who wants to general health check-up in Turkey should make an appointment with the health institution. After the appointment, the hospital will provide a general check-up doctor to patient. The doctor in charge speaks to the patient and gets detailed information, determines the test day for the patient, also determines the type of check-up, and determines the tests to be performed. Before the day of the check-up, it may be recommended to stop the drugs used by the patient.

After the appointment is established, the person is usually asked to come to the hospital on an empty stomach on the day of the check-up. In general, 8-10 hours of fasting ensures that laboratory tests produce the most accurate results. As long as the doctor does not emphasize, there is no problem with water consumption.

During the check-up, the patient’s heart and respiratory rate are measured. The doctor checks your temperature and your blood pressure. Urine and blood samples are requested. Interviews are provided with doctors in a large number of branches, such as pulmonology, cardiology, internal medicine, neurology, ENT, obstetrics and urology. Additional tests are applied if necessary.

Which City Would You Recommend?

Which City Would You Recommend?

Istanbul is one of the city in Turkey that comes to mind when it comes to health tourism. We can express that there are several reasons for this. Compared to the world, the health system in Turkey is highly developed. It is also quite cheap in terms of cost. It is possible to express that it is 70% cheaper when compared with abroad. It also has many advantages, such as natural beauty, historical structure and beautiful hotels. Istanbul is a great city for both health check and foreigners who want to visit, Turkey is an excellent country.

You can contact us immediately to solve the question marks that are stuck in your head about general health control in Turkey. Turkish hospitals, which serve more effectively every day, are constantly improving. Turkey is currently one of the best and cheapest healthcare provider. Millions of patients from abroad prefer our country to be treated.

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