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Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) In Turkey

Otoplasty refers to the aesthetics of the ear. The purpose of this operation is to make the ear, which is called the auricle in medicine, look more beautiful. In other words, the ear is shaped into a natural appearance and aesthetically pleasing shape. A lot of techniques are available in this regard, and it is not a risky operation when we examine it in general. Although the number of surgeons in this area is not many, many successful ear surgery (otoplasty) have occurred till today.

To Whom Is Ear Surgery Performed?

Due to the lack of a difficult and very disadvantageous process, ear surgery (otoplasty) can be applied to anyone who wants to change the shape of the ear. Patients resort to ear surgery for reasons such as the size of the ear, the presence of an auricle (absence or weakness of the antihelix and hypertrophy of the concha).

With the help of today’s technology, ear surgery (Otoplasty) is performed with many techniques and positive returns are taken. The optimal age for this operation is on average 5 years, that is, the preschool period of children. A child’s body at this age is both suitable for ear surgery and is an appropriate time for children not to be the subject of ridicule in school.

Otoplasty Technique, Complications, and Follow-up

Otoplasty Technique, Complications, and Follow-up

Otoplasty surgery is an easy operation performed by applying general anaesthesia. On average, the duration of the operation ends within 1-2 hours. In this procedure, which is performed behind the ear, the shape desired to be given to the ear is created using some techniques. Surgery may vary from patient to patient. Some patients may require cartilage excision. In this way, a natural and pleasant-looking ear is obtained.  

Although scars remain after surgery, there may be inconspicuous and vague scars, as they will remain behind the ear. Changes may occur according to the patient during and after ear surgery. But if this process is realized sterile, an infection condition does not occur. In order not to have the problem of the opening of the ear, returning to its former state, or experiencing disfigurement, the stitches must be suitable and high-quality. In addition, in order not to have a hematoma, that is, blood accumulation problems, attention should be paid to bleeding control.

After surgery, dressings and checks take 10 to 20 days. On the last day, stitches are removed, and at night, it is recommended to sleep with an elastic head bandage. Apart from these, it is not a painful period after surgery. The patient returns to his daily life comfortably.

Ear Surgery Suitable Candidates

Suitable Candidates

  • If you think your ears are too big or too small, if it’s disproportionate to your head or you’re complaining about their location
  • If you have an auricle problem
  • If you have damage to your ear due to some conditions and complain about the appearance of your ear for other reasons

That means you are a suitable candidate for ear surgery (otoplasty).


  • With ear aesthetics, you will have the appearance of the ear you want.
  • It can especially help children overcome self-confidence problems. Age of 5 is a suitable surgery for every past person.
  • It’s a permanent solution.


  • After surgery, there may be problems with ear symmetry, but thanks to developing technology, it is seen very little.
  • Sometimes a permanent scar may remain and there may be numbness in this section. If this happens, small aesthetic operation may be required.

Why should you have Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) In Turkey?

Why Should You Have Ear Surgery (Otoplasty) In Turkey?

Otoplasty or ear surgery is a plastic surgery performed to resolve the discomfort that occurs in terms of its appearance in the ear area. With this operation, the location or shape of the ears is formed. If you have a structural problem or have damage due to an injury, treatment with ear surgery is possible. Moreover, Turkey is one of the preferred countries for health tourism.

Turkey is a very preferred country in terms of plastic surgery. Especially in metropolitan cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya you can find places, contact us to speed up the process. In Turkey, the cost of otoplasty may vary according to many factors. To say an exact price, it is necessary to calculate the cost of the operation, the experience of the specialists, and the procedure. But the cost of many aesthetic operations, such as otoplasty in Turkey, is quite low compared to the United States and European countries.

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