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Differences between hospitals in Turkey and other countries

Turkey has managed to become one of the leading countries in the solutions of medical problems with its breakthroughs in the health sector. Turkish hospitals have brought our country to the top spots in health tourism by serving around the world. So you ask, differences between hospitals in Turkey and other countries, we will explain all of them in detail from general to specific.

Hospitals have a decisive place and importance in the modern health system. For people who do not have the opportunity to come to the hospital, our teams provide the referral of the patient specifically for you. Hospitals in Turkey have goals such as development, research and training.

Types of Hospitals In Turkey

Hospitals can be examined under 3 headings according to service type. These are state hospitals, special hospitals, and education hospitals.

  • State hospitals intervene in all cases. It does not make any distinction between patients. It includes a staff of specialist doctors for units within its structure. Doctors can perform surgical intervention when necessary. These hospitals fall into the State Hospital category.
  • Special hospitals are clinics with certain diseases and on organ transplantation in certain age groups. Eye hospitals, dental hospitals, private clinics, hospitals focused on single or multiple diseases are examples of these type of hospitals.
  • Education hospitals have a different function. They pursue education, training, and research activities in the field of medicine. It also has inpatient capacities. Hospitals that will intervene in emergencies and have the authority to perform surgical operations. We can call them as research hospitals and university hospitals.

So, these 3 types of hospitals can be examined under different departments according to the departure times of the patients. Patients are treated daily. In critical cases, they accept boarding patients.

Categories of hospitals in Turkey

Categories of hospitals in Turkey

Hospitals in our country are also included in different categories according to their ownership. Classification is carried out in this way based on the financial resources of hospitals. In this way, hospitals belonging to the public, institutions, organizations and private hospitals have been separated from each other.

  1. Hospitals belonging to the Ministry of Health and social assistance
  2. Hospitals affiliated to the Social Insurance Agency
  3. Hospitals owned by state-owned enterprises
  4. Hospitals of medical schools affiliated with universities
  5. Hospitals belonging to Special Provincial Administration and municipalities
  6. Hospitals belonging to foreigners, minorities, and associations
  7. Private enterprise hospitals

It is possible to express that another classification is made on the number of beds. But this is done not only based on the number of beds. Also based on expert staff, doctors, nurses, technical equipment, and financial support.

  1. Private, public, branch, or research hospitals and clinics with 50 beds
  2. Hospital with lower than 100 beds
  3. Hospitals with 200 beds
  4. Hospitals with 400 or more beds

Best hospitals in Turkey for foreigners

The Best Hospitals in Turkey for foreigners

Hospitals that continue to operate in our country are also extremely important for foreigners. The fact that health services are extremely expensive in European and American countries pushes foreign citizens into the tourism sector. In this area, there are also successful breakthroughs that Turkey has shown recently.

The best hospitals in Turkey are located in major cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya… and treat hundreds of thousands of foreign patients every year. Turkey is leading in the health sector with hospital quality, qualified doctors, and Turkey’s geographical structure are of great importance. The most important thing is that health services are much cheaper than in other countries.

You can get detailed information on our site to benefit from the best hospital services. Our site is constantly updated and offers you the best up-to-date information. It is possible to express that it is a guide, especially for foreign patients. Contact us for more information.

Why should you be treated in Turkey

Why Should I Be Treated In Turkey?

Hospitals have enough materials, easy to reach, provide services with sufficient units, continue communication after treatment is among the preferences of patients who want to receive treatment in Turkey. At the same time, the quality of the specialist doctor, the quality of the nurses, the quality of technological units and the systematic functioning of health services are also important. So that, doing medical and health tourism in Turkey, better than other countries.

In Turkey, very big inventions have been made in the health sector. State hospitals, private hospitals, and education hospitals saw an increase in numbers. This has covered the way for people to be treated without having to wait. In Europe and America, patients complain the most about waiting. They may have to wait months for an illness.
Also, there is a very expensive health system. The negative effects in the health sector caused by the capitalist order are most felt in the United States and the United Kingdom. As you understand, differences between hospitals in Turkey and other countries are too many and Turkey really is a country to be preferred.

Turkish hospitals technology advanced

Is the technology in Turkish hospitals advanced?

Hospitals in Turkey are active in the digital sector as well as service and management areas. Turkish hospitals are focused on improving staff productivity, patient safety, and quality of service delivery. For this purpose, it exhibits work integrated with communication tools, medical devices, and other information systems.

Moreover, Turkish hospitals are very technological, data analysis of all healthcare institutions can be performed in the common collected area. In emergencies, quicker decisions can be made by health managers. I think that the differences between the hospitals in Turkey are formed in your mind.

Turkish hospitals provide the best service by completing the digitalization processes very well. They also have very successful units in terms of hospital management. In this sense, the management of legal processes and financial transactions are carried out with the highest yields. Relationships with patients are best managed. So, this an answer of differences between hospitals in Turkey and other countries

Difference between Turkey and other countries

What is the difference between Turkey and other countries?

One of the most important reasons why foreigners choose hospitals in Turkey is that our doctors, nurses, staff are experts in their work, they can speak different languages. Moreover, our hospitals have special interpreters for patients coming from abroad.

We guarantee that you will not suffer communication problems. Hospital meals are healthy and delicious. Food is specially prepared according to the patient’s illness. Hospitals in Turkey attach great importance to hygiene. Hospital staff treat you like friends, not patients.

You have the chance to receive services from the best Turkish doctors in the world. Given all this, it will be a very reliable choice to receive services in hospitals in Turkey. Turkish doctors take special care of their patients and they constantly check to make sure you are taking the right medications. Your prescriptions have reflected the pharmacist with computers. Finally, you will be treated better than other countries at extremely affordable prices. I hope, you got the answer to differences between hospitals in Turkey and other countries.

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