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Buttock Augmentation In Turkey

Buttock augmentation is an aesthetic operation. It is often preferred by people who have problems with their buttock. Thanks to buttock augmentation operation, you can have a great buttock with a more beautiful shape. Also, you can have buttock augmentation in Turkey at cheaper prices. If you are considering buttock augmentation, it will be better for you to talk with specialist doctors.

What Is Buttock Augmentation With Fat Injection?

Buttock augmentation with fat injection is a procedure in which fat is taken from another area of the body and transferred to the buttock. In this way, the size of the buttock is increased or the shape of it is formed. It is also useful for this condition if the body needs Vaser liposuction.

At the same time, Vaser liposuction is used for the purpose of enlarging and shaping the buttocks of fats that are important in the body, as well as during the process. Although buttock augmentation with fat injection made in recent years is quite in demand, patients leave the clinic with satisfaction.

Benefits of buttock augmentation

Benefits Of The Operation With Fat Injection

Buttock augmentation with fat injection is much more advantageous than enlarging the buttock by placing an implant. First of all, thanks to this injection, the shape and details of the buttock are reshaped. In this way, rather than changing only one part of the buttock, the entire buttock is shaped. This, in turn, allows the buttock to look more natural as a result of the procedure.

However, belly, waist, and back fat that you don’t want on your body can be used for buttock augmentation and contouring purposes. This means that you have two requests with one operation. Another benefit of fat injection to the buttocks is that the likelihood of scarring after the procedure is minimal level.

Compared to buttock augmentation with the prosthesis, you can move on with almost no scars. In addition, silicone buttock implants mean that extra foreign substances enter your body. The fat injection uses your own tissue to enlarge the buttocks. At the end of the procedure, both the scar does not appear and there is no foreign substance in your body.

Buttock Augmentation without surgery

Buttock Augmentation Without surgery

In this method, also known as buttock filling or buttock augmentation in Turkey without surgery, patients may encounter problems such as foreign substance reactions and risks of complications. For this reason, many surgeons do not prefer to enlarge the buttocks with a buttock filling. It does not have the advantages of enlarging the buttocks with fat injection, that is, using the patient’s tissue in the operation. Another difference is the price difference between these two operations.

Who is suitable for buttock surgery

Who Is Suitable For Buttock Augmentation

Buttock part is one of the most important regions of women. In this part, the desired image is usually curved and round. There appears to be a significant increase in buttock augmentation and contouring operations before the summer. Due to age, genetics, weight gaining and loss, and cracks, it is difficult to reach the desired buttock. It is a suitable operation for every person who requests buttock augmentation in Turkey surgery for and similar reasons.

After plastic surgery operation

What To Look Out For After Buttock Augmentation

Generally, restrictions on movement can be observed after some medical procedures and aesthetic operations. After buttock augmentation in Turkey, there are also some details that patients should pay attention to. If you do not want to have problems after surgery, you should be careful about your eating and drinking and actively walk.

After buttock augmentation surgery, you should not make movements that will force yourself. Especially bending will be a disadvantage for you. You should make sure that the floors you want to sit on are soft, and we recommend that you also strictly follow the recommendations that your doctor gives you specifically.

Choose Turkey for your buttock

Why Should You Have Buttock Augmentation In Turkey

A lot of people choose Turkey for medical tourism. If you choose Turkey for buttock augmentation, you will be able to take advantage of advanced technological opportunities and make transactions at more affordable prices. It is difficult to tell the prices of buttock augmentation surgery in a specific way. Such procedures are priced according to the patient’s condition, and many factors affect these prices. The money you will pay for buttock augmentation also varies according to these factors.

First, we recommend that you contact the doctor you want to have the procedure done and discuss this situation face to face. Your doctor will choose the best path for you. If you want to get more information, you can contact us.

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