7 Signs of an Unhealthy Heart

By on August 29, 2015

If you were to see a man grabbing his chest and falling to the floor without conscious, you would probably think he is having a heart attack. However, signs of heart attack, the leading worldwide cause of death, are not always that obvious.

This means that there are some other, more quiet signs that could alert you of having an unhealthy heart. Some people may just feel unwell, thinking they should stay home and rest a bit, not knowing that they are actually having a heart attack.

Heart is the strongest muscle in our body, and when it fails to work properly, it can trigger some symptoms related to other body parts. Read about seven symptoms of an unhealthy heart so you can react properly and on time.


1. Sexual dysfunction

Dont panic yet! Those few times it happened (and nobody knows about it) were maybe caused by that last few drinks you had. However, you should check it with the cardiologist, because patients with erectile dysfunctions have bigger chances to suffer from an unhealthy heart. This is because in case of a heart disease, arteries become narrower and they restrict blood flow to the penis. This is what actually keeps you from having an erection. Women with restricted blood flow to the genital zone have troubles with reaching orgasms, or the horror, the orgasms become less satisfying.

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