Man Didnt Eat For 382 Days, But Somehow Lived And Lost 276 Pounds!

By on September 11, 2015

One man survived one year long. The question is how far we can go without risking our health?

Man Didnt Eat For 382 Days, But Somehow Lived - And Lost 276 Pounds!

In 1966 there was a story published in United Press International, headlined Stout Scot Peels off 293 Pounds, and it retold the story of 26- year old Angus Barbieri eating breakfast. At that moment he finished his lent that begin more than a year ago.

Beside from feeling a little bit week, there arent any ill effects, he said to the reporter.

A case report is published in 1973 by the doctor who monitored Barbieris 382-day lent, where he presents not only the 276-pound weight loss from 456 to 180 pounds, but also the usage of many minerals and vitamins that kept him alive, and that there was interval of 37 to 48 days between the stools.

If you take a look in the study today, it will be hard to decide which is more horrific: the doctors statement that starvation therapy could be completely efficient; his manifestation of appreciation to Barbieri for his cooperation; or the paragraph describing five fatalities occurring with the treatment of obesity by total starvation.

Krista Varady, Ph. D., an associate professor at the University of Illinois in Chicago, once said that today you simply cant publish that study because of ethically reasons. She is also an author of the book The Every-Other-Day Diet, where she studied lenting for the past decade.

According to Varaday, starvation will violate the Declaration of Helsinki, where directives for human experimentation are established.

It is clear that William K. Stewart was thinking that he is doing a service to Barbieri in helping him to retain the normal physique. Today it isnt possible to be implemented such an experiment because of the risk of open-ended starvation.

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