Get Fit In Just 15 Minutes

By on September 12, 2015

Forget the excuse of I have no time, and fill yourself with will for toning and shaping your body and start doing this short training consisted of seven effective exercises. Fitness experts say it is not necessary to be tormented by long exercise sessions to be fit.Get Fit In Just 15 Minutes

4 minutes SPRINT

Before you exercise, speed up the heart beat and bring your body into a state of burning calories with sprint in place. 30 seconds run in place with a very fast pace, and then rest for 30 seconds. Make a total of four such repetitions.

7 exercises for the whole bodyGet Fit In Just 15 Minutes1

Stand in the position for push-ups. Make a push-up, and then move the left knee to the chest (see picture). Promptly return the knee back. Do another push-up, and then drag the right knee to the chest. Return to the original position.

Repeat this exercise once.Get Fit In Just 15 Minutes2

Lie on the floor and spread your arms and legs so that your body takes an X shape. In both hands hold little weights. Tighten your abdominal muscles and simultaneously move the left arm and right leg to one another (see picture). Then, return to the initial position.

Repeat the same exercise, but with the right arm and left leg. Do 10 repetitions.Get Fit In Just 15 Minutes3

Sit on the floor and hold a small weight in the hands. Lift your feet about 25 inches from the floor. Knees should be slightly bent to you. Lean back so that your upper body is in an angle of about 45 from the floor. Extend the hands in the front of the body and slowly turn your upper body to the right, keeping your legs static (see picture). Then slowly turn left.

Do 8 reps.Get Fit In Just 15 Minutes4

Stand straight with feet approached, take a weight and hold it with both hands at chest height. Jump and spread your legs while raising your arms above your head (see picture). Then, jump and go back to the initial position.

Do 20 repetitions.Get Fit In Just 15 Minutes5

Stand straight and place your feet on the same latitude with your hips. Lean forward and place your hands on the floor, the same width with shoulders. At this point your body should be as reverse V. Fold the left foot, move the knee to the chest, and then immediately extend your leg back (see picture).

Do 8 reps with the left foot and 8 with the right.Get Fit In Just 15 Minutes6

Stand up straight, place your feet on the same latitude with your hips and keep both hands on a small weight. Bend your right leg and lift it behind you. Lean forward, while moving the weights to the left foot. The left knee should be slightly bent to you (see picture). Return to the original position.

Do 10 repetitions with your right leg, then 10 with your left.Get Fit In Just 15 Minutes7

Stand with your feet spread a little. Place hands on the nape and pull the stomach in. Lean forward until your upper body is almost parallel to the floor. Keep your legs straight (see picture). Then, look up.

Repeat this exercise 8 times.

It is enough to make the 15-minute fitness session twice a week to increase your energy and shape your body without losing a lot of time.

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