Under-Eye Circles be Gone! Ingenious Makeup Trick Perfectly Conceals Dark Circles

By on September 11, 2015


Under-Eye Circles be Gone! Ingenious Makeup Trick Perfectly Conceals Dark Circles...For many women, dark circles under the eyes is a truly annoying battle it may just be a now-and-then problem, or it may be an everyday problem. Either way, it really, really sucks. Because that skin is so thinnearly transparentoxygenated blood that sits there is a lot more visible, thus causing these pesky panda-eyes. It can get much worse when youre tired or dehydrated, so drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep are two important preventative measures, but when that doesnt help and your concealer doesnt seem to cover up well enough, heres a surprising make-up trick that involves….. red lipstick!


Sometimes the blue or darkness under the eyes still shines through the concealer, so instead of simply caking more and more on, you need to neutralize it first. This is where the lipstick comes in. An orangey-red or coral color neutralizes that purpley-blue color. Its science, people! If you look on a color wheel youll see that these two colors are directly opposite each other, which means that they balance each other out.

So, using a makeup brush, apply the lipstick to the affected under-eye area. Just let it dry for a few seconds and then apply your concealer with a makeup sponge as you normally would. Then marvel at the fantastic coverage!

Of course, when I first saw this I tested it out immediately. I did one eye as I normally would with concealer on its own, and then used this new trick for the other eye; the difference between the two was truly impressive. Just try it yourself to see the surprising results!

Tutorial by Deepica Mutyala Youtuber.